This is a great callout, Andrew -

“In the same way, you can hire lots of people to create your strategy or vision for your company. And it will probably be very well made!”

I’ve worked with leading global strategy consulting firms, and they’re really just looking to run a standard playbook.

I will also say that I’m perplexed by strategy consultants and software that aims to “fast-track” the strategy design process by giving you a premade strategy.

You simply can’t outsource or delegate something as crucial as Mission, Vision, and Strategy design for the very reasons you outline.

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You can certainly speed it up, but not stamp it out like widgets.

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Right, but if you're collaboratively designing strategy, setting Mission, Vision, or Goals using something like the Strategy Process Map:


This kind of work is done internally & collaboratively with a diverse, cross-functional group, starting from a client problem.

I really find it hard to see the value of fast-tracking that effort via either a playbook or a Generative AI.

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